Swindlers and thieves try to find new ways ripping off customers and here is what Netzero has designed which also many other DSL ISPs have employed.

During subscription process they don’t mention certain fees, particular $150 cancellation fee. They mention it several days later after subscription is complete and a customer received DSL modem. To avoid responsibility they establish 30 day money back guarantee during which you can cancel subscription, which they put in front in their advertising. In other words a customer is notified about $150 cancellation fee after he has started using the service. Now if you disagree with cancellation fee you can cancel the service getting your money back, but you’d have to send equipment back to them for your own account and look for another DSL ISP therefore very few people really do it. The problem is that connection speed which cost money drops down below dial up right after that money back period is over so it does not make sense to use it. However if you want to cancel the service which you cannot use anymore you would have to pay $150 cancellation fee.

How many thousand people have been already ripped off and how many billions of $$ was stolen from us, who knows? And what this disfunctional government does about it? NOTHING!

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